We don't wear capes, but we have really fun pens and strong coffee by our side. We are also recognized experts in the field. 

The job search is stressful enough. Let us take the burden of writing away.

Consultation fee is waived/reimbursed if resume order is placed. Request quote sheet to see the packages we offer.

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Resume services


Our resumes are promised to pass through applicant tracking systems (ATS) when you upload the document to an employer's site or job board. You could say that we know the password to make sure your resume goes over the bridge.

Your amazing work ethic and stellar achievements need to be reflected on paper in a way that demonstrates not just what you did---but how well you did it.

Remember, recruiters often give resumes just SIX seconds of time. You have SECONDS to prove that you deserve the second glance!

Resume rates start at $397

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Cover Letters


We get asked if cover letters are necessary all the time. Quite frankly, the answer is yes and no.  Yes, if the employer has specifically requested that one be uploaded with the resume. No, if a letter was not specifically requested. 

However, as we always explain, why would you not want to push your foot in the door just a little bit further for a little bit longer?  The cover letter buys you a few more seconds of time and picks up where the resume leaves off.

Transferring to a new industry? Include a cover letter. 

Been off work for six months to care for an ailing parent? Include a cover letter.

Cover Letter rates are $49 and tailored to specific position of interest.

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LinkedIn is the complement to your resume. Do you need a profile? Most definitely. 

A recent study showed that recruiters spend 4-7 hours a day scouring LinkedIn for qualified talent. You will want to be there, waving your virtual hand in front of them.

LinkedIn serves as yet one more basket out there to promote you and what you bring to the table.

LinkedIn Profiles/Updates are $99

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writing workshops


We host writing workshops from time to time!  Be sure to check out our Events page!

You can often find us in quarterly job fairs as well.  Subscribe to us to keep apprised of when those job fairs are happening.